SafeBoard is a patented extremity stabilization device designed to assist in the placement of PICC lines and IV catheters in neonates and pediatrics. This device is designed to securely stabilize the extremity in a non-traumatic manner to improve the safety and efficacy of ultrasound guided vascular access.




SafeBoard avoids the use of medical adhesives, additional medical personnel as

"holders", and most importantly reduces the need for sedation and/or general anesthesia for ultrasound guided PICC placement. Preliminary use with this device, as part of a manuscript being reviewed, also has shown that it can reduce the number of attempts while increasing the overall success rate. In addition to US guided PICC placement, SafeBoard has been applied for peripheral IV insertion, phlebotomy, dressing changes, and other general medical purposes requiring the safe, minimally invasive stabilization of an extremity.

Saves Valuable


Eliminates the

Extremity "Holder"

Eliminates Restraints

and Medical Adhesives

Reduces or Eliminates

Inessential Medication

and/or Sedation

Reduces or Eliminates

Medication Error

Reduces or Eliminates

Adverse Events

Reduces or Prevents

Delays in Treatment

Saves Money




"When her last picc line was placed, they didn't use sedation because she's "immobile", however, due to tone issues she kind of fought them a bit and tried to bend her arm so they just held her arm down, but mostly putting pressure with the girls thumb on her wrist. As a result, she had terrible bruising. This is obviously another way SafeBoard is needed and can help. It would have never happened that way with SafeBoard."

- Sarah, Mother of 5 year old



SafeBoard is committed to improving the safety and efficacy of ultrasound guided neonatal and pediatric vascular access, and other medical procedures, without unnecessary medication or adverse injury.