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Ansley Bienvenu, RN, BSN, VABC

Ansley is a Pediatric Vascular Access Specialist and inventor of SafeBoard LLC with over 13 years of experience in pediatric vascular access. Her career began in the Emergency Room at Miami Children’s Hospital, now known as Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, in Miami, Florida. Being part of the trauma team in the initial few months progressed her vascular access skills to become one of the elites in the Emergency Room. Her passion for vascular access shifted her position from the Emergency Room to the Vascular Access Team. As a member of the vascular access team she became specialized in ultrasound guided vascular access among other vascular access related skills. In 2012, she decided to move back home to be closer to family. As a contracted pediatric PICC nurse conditions were very different. As frustrations increased with poor sedation protocols for PICC insertions, insufficient staffing available as “holders”, and delayed patient care, in 2017 SafeBoard was invented. We are currently working to commercialize SafeBoard so that every Children’s Hospital across the nation can benefit from this product.




Mohammad Karimzada, MD

Mohammad is the Chief Medical Officer of SafeBoard LLC. He is a surgical resident at University of California in San Francisco who is completing his fellowships in Surgical Innovations and Surgical Education. He tries to be innovative in all he does, but especially enjoys being creative with cooking!

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